Any true leader realizes that everything they do has a direct or indirect impact on those that they come into contact with, however minimal.A leader should carefully consider his actions and know how his actions will affect others, and more importantly, how the people will conceive and perceive these actions; will it make them more or less likely to be receptive to ideas,plans or programs.
Here are some basics to guide a leader to be a positive and uplifting influence to those he serves.


As a leader, before you take any action or make a final decision, you should carefully consider your intent.Are you centered on service, aims, priorities and the best ideology to move forward?Are you solely going through the proposals, or do the best concerns of your association, and those you serve, come foremost in your considerations? You have to contemplate alternatives, without being biased or pre-judgemental to use and develop the best feasible or applicable ideas.


Will the actions you take, and how you progress, motivate others, or will they be a turn-off? You have to know what their primary needs, priorities, and concerns, may be.

Priorities; Planning; Pleasing

You have to decide how important is pleasing others to you. You should do so, per preferences and needs and not solely to appease and satisfy on a shorter-term, more immediate basis.You should offer your ideas and plans, in a pleasant, helpful, cooperative way and not progress in an adversarial, my-way-or-the-highway, way.

Attitude; Attention; Articulate

You have to possess a real, can-do, positive attitude because the lack of it results in widespread and contagious negativism.You should be ready, prepared and able to take the time, and make a concerted effort to pay attention to reality, demands, beliefs, and advance with the necessary details.You have to be willing to step up when others shy away, plus articulate, the proper reasoning, and course to follow.

Clarity; Cooperation; Comfort; Confidence

You shoulsfsffsfsfsfsAd have a clear message, focus on a central theme, whether it is presently common, especially when you strongly believe that it is the best and necessary course. You should possess the self-confidence to consider service over reputation or ego. You should be a leader who is cohesive and not a divisive leader.Seek cooperation for the best interests of the people to maximize the common good.

Timely; Trustworthy

You should be perceived as being a trustworthy leader, because unless your constituents trust you, you will be notably challenged to make them buy-in and become deeply involved. Your ideas should be timely and relevant and not procrastinate or fail to act, therefore waiting for others to go out on a limb.
Every leader has an impact.It’s up to you to decide if your will be a positive or a negative one.