Dash Cameras – Design and Build Quality

Dash Cameras – Design and Build Quality

Many types of cameras can be used in a car. From the variety out there, Dash cams are very popular among most car owners. As their name suggests, dash cams are those cameras you see on the dashboard of a car. The main idea behind buying a dash cam from Campad Electronics is to record activities going on inside your vehicle. They might also be of great health in accident claims when providing your side of the story. The secret lies in investing in the best camera, with the best build quality and design.

General qualities of a good car camera


If you are one of those people that prefer having a camera that is not aSASSSZDxceasily noticeable, the anonymity of the camera should be a major consideration. This is not only good for unidentified recording, but it is also recommended for security reasons. With a small and less colorful camera, burglars might be less interested breaking into your car to steal your camera. Moreover, a good camera should be designed in such a way that it camouflages and does not draw unnecessary attention.

Mounting Technology

Dash cameras are installed in a car in two main ways. This can be by using the suction mount or the tape mount. With the suction mount, one uses a vacuum to fit the camera into the windscreen. This mounting technology gives you the liberty to change the position of the camera, as you want. However, it is prone to vibration as the suction power of the rubber reduces.

The other mounting technology is the tape method, which uses an adhesive to mount the camera. This makes it not reusable but at the same time not susceptible to vibrations.

AsASxacadDegrees of motion

The good camera should have many degrees of movement. The range of motion gives you the liberty to adjust the view of your camera accordingly. For instance, a joint that allows you make the camera face the side window offers a good way to film things like police interactions or something interesting happening outside.

Ease of detaching

Well, most people do not remove their cameras on a daily basis. However, whenever you need to remove it, it should not be much of a hassle. Some devices have contacts points between their wiring points, which take care of the need to remove cables when detaching the camera. This feature is of particular importance for anyone for anyone fond of removing the camera regularly.…